Sounds My Computer Makes: First Words

by Z-1

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About the music:
the content of this music is unique to me because it was created on an algorithmic level. it was made primarily with several reaktor patches i built and since named: Merlin and Hydra. Merlin generates and develops melodic patterns, while Hydra creates harmonic progressions... they took endless hours to build in core.

Digital Aloe is perhaps the most direct nod towards RDJ on this collection. It is also perhaps the most algorithmically generated. there is actually no midi information or audio data in my ableton set... just automation.

First Words had a tender quality to it that i liked, reminded me of a baby a little bit, but the nerd in me ultimately decided to name the album first words, because this is the first in a series of computer generated collections i plan to make.

Freeze Tag was created with a Reaktor patch I have since named Hydra. While it's harmonic progression is completely generated the breakbeat was meticulously altered.

Final Moments is another completely generated track. i've spent my fair share thinking about what those last moments might be for myself and what they may have been like for others i've lost... that's what this track is about.

Compartmentalization is about my own personal tendency to box things in my life up into containers: some people/places/things belong with other people/places/things...


released October 2, 2012

Special thanks must go to one of my constant sources of musical inspiration: Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin, aka AFX, aka The Tuss, the list goes on...). i doubt i would be making electronic music if it wasn't for his music. Specifically 'Selected Ambient Works' and 'Drukqs' have deeply influenced my musical direction for this album, at least in character and vibe.

All music composed and produced by Z-1.



all rights reserved


Z-1 Los Angeles, California

Z-1 (zminusone) is a robot who makes computer sounds with computer synthesizers it designs on its computer. the correct pronoun to use for zminusone is it, since robots do not have gender... or souls.

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